JC found a Holiday Rambler wheel assembly somewhere (he has his mechanic ways), and in a few mere weeks the RV was fixed. A few weeks after our trip, I received a call, "You wanna head down with us to pick up the Rambler?" Although it sounded like a lot of fun, I turned down the offer. JC and T-Mo eventually got the RV back to Pennsylvania, in one piece, with all of its wheels going round and round.

A few weeks later, even more woes persisted. As the RV was getting the mandatory PA state inspection, a crack was found in the transmission casing, and the whole thing needed replaced. Yet more money was pumped into the RV to get it fixed. Hopefully, it will be the end of the problems, but for some reason I donít think so.

We've taken a few trips in the beast since our fateful trip, and for the most part all has gone well. The old girl was definitely a 'fixer-upper', and I would be hesitant to take her on a trip like our cross-country journey again. For short trips to Philadelphia, Baltimore, or the Poconos, she works out great. Now all we need to do is find something to do with all of that diesel fuel...